Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I didn't do too much of anything over Labor Day weekend. There were many things I could have done but I decided to be lazy and procrastinate instead lol. I tried out a natural homemade deodorant recipe which totally failed. Guess I'll be doing more recipe searching and experimentation.

I also watched all 10 episodes of Band of Brothers with my husband. It is a really good series that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of different emotions.

On an aromatherapy note, I made a custom order of bath salts for a friend suffering from psoriasis and took my father-in-law a "cough & cold" massage oil to help with his sinuses/cold.

I hope you all had a great weekend :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is truly indispensable. Every home should have it. Lavendula augustifolia or lavendula officinalis is the most commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy and aroma-psychology research. It is known by some as the mother of all essential oils for its capability of performing many jobs. Lavender can care for numerous physical and psychological problems, so undoubtedly it is the most versatile essential oil. It is also the only essential oil that is safe to apply directly (without a carrier oil) on the skin.

Lavender has many properties ranging from sedative, insect repellent, antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-depressant, analgesic, hypotensive, detoxifier, and decongestant. It is very calming, soothing, and balancing. It is also very good for stimulating the immune system.

Lavender has aromatherapeutic uses in burns, inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, cuts, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, headaches, muscular aches & pains, hypertension, insomnia, colds, acne, sunburn, insect stings & bites, and more. The list can go on and on!

In the 1920s, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse burnt his hand in a laboratory accident and rushed to a vat of lavender. He discovered the dramatic healing effect of lavender which led him to research other essential oils. This is how we get the term "aromatherapy".

I use lavender quite a bit at my house. The other night I severely stubbed my little toe and it still hurts! When I put lavender massage oil on my toe it doesn't kill all the pain but its analgesic quality definitely takes the edge off. I use lavender to get annoying flies out of my kitchen! When my kids are fussy I put a couple drops of lavender in a diffuser which helps to calm them down and get my baby to sleep :) I have also made baby lotion & oil with lavender. Nicholas is a happy baby when I massage it into his feet!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aromatherapy Room/Linen Sprays

Another reason I am so glad I took an interest in aromatherapy is the all-natural room sprays I can make. I think we all keep air fresheners in our house (especially in the bathroom lol) but do you really like the smell of the average store-bought spray that reeks of synthetic chemicals? And how well did they actually deodorize the air? Honestly I was never very impressed with any of them. Also, most of them would give me a headache. With my Aromas of Eden Room/Linen Sprays you will get an all-natural air freshener/deodorizer that will do just that, freshen and deodorize the air without the headaches!

Here is my trash session towards synthetic fragrance "air fresheners":
  • Most of them contain toxic chemicals such as camphor (on the EPA's hazardous waste list), Benzyl Alcohol (can cause upper respiratory tract irritation and a drop in blood pressure), Dichlorobenzene (extremely toxic and banned in California), Ethanol (toxic carcinogenic), Formaldehyde (toxic if inhaled), Limonene (carcinogenic), Napthalene (toxic carcinogen), Phenol (has caused circulatory collapse, coma, and even death), and Pinene (flammable agent that is very destructive of mucous membranes).
  • Their chemicals have been implicated in cancer, neurological damage, reproductive and developmental disorders and other conditions.
  • They can aggravate asthma and/or trigger attacks.
  • Indoor air quality experts recommend against using them.
  • The solid versions of these usually cause death if eaten by children or pets.

Okay so enough with the negative and now with the positive! My aromatherapy room/linen sprays are based on the organic compounds of the essential oils that are in each one. They are beneficial to your health in different ways depending on which scent you are using. For example, I like to use Tangerine Dream Room Spray during the day because it creates a light, fruity smell that is very uplifting. I use Breath of Spring Room/Linen Spray around the litter box area (which works very well, lavender is an awesome deodorizer) and on the bed for its relaxing, sedative properties. Blissful Bouquet Room/Linen Spray has a wonderful floral aroma that contains 2 aphrodisiac essential oils as well as Geranium (known as woman's best friend).

Here is a story that will make you laugh :) A couple weeks ago I was in the bathtub when my daughter decided to come in and do #2. I know, you gotta love kids lol. I yelled at my husband to get a room spray and it completely deodorized the bathroom (Thank God!!).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Past Week...

Sorry I haven't posted for 6 days but it has been a very busy, stressful, and challenging week. I'm just getting in from doing some last-minute school supply shopping. I had to wing it and just get the basics since I never received an actual school supply list which is annoying! I can't believe that my little girl is starting kindergarten, it seems like we should still be years away from this! I'm not sure how school fundraisers work but I'm thinking about offering some of my Aromas of Eden products. I'm sure the moms and grandmas out there would love it!

I am so glad my husband has finally gotten the adobe illustrator situation resolved! Why does this make me happy? Because it means he can start designing some new labels for a couple new product lines! I am going to be introducing aromatherapy body splashes along with aromatherapy natural remedies for various maladies such as headache, migraine, PMS, etc. I will also happily take any requests that you have.

Tomorrow I will post about my room/linen sprays, which I've had quite a bit of use for lately. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Julie/Julia Inspiration

Hello! I just got back from seeing the movie Julie/Julia and, due to the movie, had a tremendous urge to do a blog post. It's one of those movies that gives you the incentive and encouragement to find and/or do the stuff you always think about doing but never work up the nerve to do. Even though I was disappointed at the ending (don't worry, I won't tell you the movie), I am still glad I went to see it. Julie is such a great inspiration for those of us who start things but never finish them. She had the same issue until she did her Julie/Julia blog. I think the key to finishing what you start or learning something new is to keep telling yourself that you can do it (and stick to it) and to not set your standards too high. I know, easier said than done. For a while I was starting to get bummed out over my low sales so far but then realized I was expecting too much too fast. So for right now my goal is to get at least 1 new blog follower, fan on facebook, or heart on etsy a day. It's like cooking in the crock pot I guess lol. It may be low and slow but eventually a great reward will come!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Benefits of Aromatherapy Bath

I love baths! They are my great escape from the stresses of a busy life complete with a husband that works 6 days a week, 2 kids (ages 5 and 4 months), and 3 pets. Somebody is ALWAYS needing something! At the end of the day, I can just slip into the tub with the water as hot as I can stand and forget about everything except relaxation. It is 20-30 minutes that I can just focus on me.

Aromatic baths are one of the most important and versatile forms of treatment in aromatherapy. A bath with aromatherapy bath salts or bath oil can be whatever you like it to be: relaxing, stimulating, tonic, or aphrodisiac. Any of my Aromas of Eden Massage Oils can also be used as a bath oil, just add 1 teaspoon to a full tub. Stress reduction is the area where aromatherapy bath salts and bath oils are the most valuable, but they can also help with muscular pain, skin conditions, mood, and act as a treatment or preventative measure for many physical conditions. The heat of the water aids absorption of the essential oils throughout the skin, and some of the oil will also be released as an aromatic vapor and breathed in. Just soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes to get the full effect of the essential oils.

Epsom salt is a very beneficial and therapeutic bath salt which all of my Aromas of Eden Bath Salts contain. Epsom salt boosts our magnesium levels better than that of taking a magnesium supplement! Some benefits include improved nerve function, stress relief, improves circulation and heart health, reduces severity or incidence of diabetes, eases muscle pains, helps the body to remove harmful substances, exfoliating, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, helps prevent and ease migraines, improves absorption of nutrients, improves formation of joint proteins and brain tissue, softens, smoothes, and restores moisture balance, heals irritations and scars, encourages the skin to renew itself, eases hemorrhoid & arthritis pain, and is very helpful with psoriasis & eczema.

I found this list of reasons to take a bath on a brochure I received recently:

Your Skin Will Thank You. Bathing in warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving you soft and supple. Bathing also lifts out harmful toxins, so your skin is fresh and unbelievably clean.

You Will Be Free of Stress. Bathing actually lowers blood pressure and provides an excellent respite from your busy routine. Your body will relax and your mind has a chance to wander, leaving the stress of the day behind.

You Will Smell Fabulous. Take a bath with scented salts - and to add to the atmosphere, line your tub with scented candles. Not only will the aromas add a nice touch to your bathing experience - you will emerge smelling fresh and clean!

You Will Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Bathing has been proven to lead to a better night’s rest and for some, even cure insomnia. Take a bath before bedtime, and you will get a restful, uninterrupted night of sleep.

Your Muscles Will Be Limber. At the end of a long day, particularly if you exercise, your muscles can feel tight and tense. Bathing loosens and relaxes the muscles, soothing aches and pains.

You Can Finally Have Some Time Alone. Bathing can bring you the restful solitude you need to reflect and relax. You can literally close the door on the outside world and disappear for a while without having to worry - they’ll understand.

It’s Romantic. Bathing is wonderfully sensual, and if you need some time alone with that special person in your life, taking a bath together is an inexpensive, pleasurable way to enjoy each other’s company.

You Will Look Younger. In addition to the lovely flush you’ll get from all that steam and warmth, your skin will soften and become smoother. Bathing in natural bath salt can even reduce the look of fine lines and other signs of aging, leaving you feeling and looking years younger.

It’s Cheap. Well, bathing is free - and bath salts are extremely affordable. It’s a low cost way to treat yourself like royalty, bringing all the benefits of an expensive spa trip into your own home.

It’s Fun. Simply put, bathing is fun. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of a hard day, a gift to yourself that will energize, soothe, soften, and relax you from the inside out.

I know most days can be hectic and you barely have time for a shower, but at least try to have one bath a week where you can soak for 30 minutes and just focus on you!

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

A massage is the most effective way of introducing essential oils to the body. The skin easily absorbs the essential oils and the oils are taken into the bloodstream providing you with their therapeutic effects. Massage is designed to relieve pain, ease tense muscles, increase circulation, promote tissue regeneration, lessen depression and anxiety, increase joint flexibility, or benefit the body in other physical ways. The oxygenation of massage combined with the detoxifying, stimulating, and healing properties of essential oils is extremely effective. After a massage you will usually experience a feeling of relaxation and mental wellbeing followed by a feeling of renewed energy and vigor.

Massage also helps us to become aware that we are tensing certain muscles unnecessarily. When we feel mentally tense we react by tensing certain muscles. This is one of the ways that mental stress can lead to real physical symptoms. Depression and sadness can affect the muscles surrounding the head, ankles, shoulders, and thighs; stress and anxiety can affect the muscles surrounding the head, forearms, calves, and back. Massage can alleviate those symptoms, especially when combined with essential oils.

I know some of you are probably thinking "but I don't have anyone around that can give me a massage." You can use my Aromas of Eden Massage Oils in a bath as well. Just add a teaspoon of oil to a full tub. You can also give yourself a massage. Here are some tips on self-massage that I found on wikihow:

For neck and shoulders: Gently, but firmly, work your fingers in small circles. Start at the back of your head (don't get lotion or oil in your hair!) and work down towards the shoulders. Continue down the shoulders and arms until you are massaging your hands. When you feel a knot, work it out in small circles with your fingers. Keep your fingers well lubricated and breathe slowly and evenly. After you have worked out all the knots, stretch out your shoulder blades by "hugging yourself." Be careful you do not "pop" your shoulders!

For the lower back: You can wear clothes for this. Roll up a large blanket or towel. This works best with a rolled up yoga mat. Place it on the floor and lay down face up on top of it. Position your lower back over the roll so that your shoulders and butt are touching the floor. With the roll, your body should form a lower-case "t." Extend the arms outwards from the shoulders and breathe into the stretch. If you need to, use your feet to roll your lower back over the roll. To target smaller areas of your back, use a rolling pin instead of a blanket. Come into the child's pose to stretch your back the other way: sit on your knees. Lean forward until your chest rests solidly over your thighs. Stretch your arms forwards or fold them and rest your head on your hands. Place a small, rolled-up hand towel behind your knees to make this position more comfortable.

For the feet: Dig your thumbs in a circular motion into the soles of your feet. Don't forget the bottoms of your toes too! On the other side, start at your ankle and rub your thumbs outwards across the top of your feet and down the toes. Roll your feet to stretch the ankles. Lie flat on your back on the floor and put your feet up a wall (not straight up). Stretch your arms overhead.

If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact me ( On a personal note, my 4 month old is teething already and one day when the crying was particularly bad, I made a special baby-strength lavender massage oil. I rubbed a little bit on his jawline and the crying subsided and he fell asleep.