Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aromatherapy Room/Linen Sprays

Another reason I am so glad I took an interest in aromatherapy is the all-natural room sprays I can make. I think we all keep air fresheners in our house (especially in the bathroom lol) but do you really like the smell of the average store-bought spray that reeks of synthetic chemicals? And how well did they actually deodorize the air? Honestly I was never very impressed with any of them. Also, most of them would give me a headache. With my Aromas of Eden Room/Linen Sprays you will get an all-natural air freshener/deodorizer that will do just that, freshen and deodorize the air without the headaches!

Here is my trash session towards synthetic fragrance "air fresheners":
  • Most of them contain toxic chemicals such as camphor (on the EPA's hazardous waste list), Benzyl Alcohol (can cause upper respiratory tract irritation and a drop in blood pressure), Dichlorobenzene (extremely toxic and banned in California), Ethanol (toxic carcinogenic), Formaldehyde (toxic if inhaled), Limonene (carcinogenic), Napthalene (toxic carcinogen), Phenol (has caused circulatory collapse, coma, and even death), and Pinene (flammable agent that is very destructive of mucous membranes).
  • Their chemicals have been implicated in cancer, neurological damage, reproductive and developmental disorders and other conditions.
  • They can aggravate asthma and/or trigger attacks.
  • Indoor air quality experts recommend against using them.
  • The solid versions of these usually cause death if eaten by children or pets.

Okay so enough with the negative and now with the positive! My aromatherapy room/linen sprays are based on the organic compounds of the essential oils that are in each one. They are beneficial to your health in different ways depending on which scent you are using. For example, I like to use Tangerine Dream Room Spray during the day because it creates a light, fruity smell that is very uplifting. I use Breath of Spring Room/Linen Spray around the litter box area (which works very well, lavender is an awesome deodorizer) and on the bed for its relaxing, sedative properties. Blissful Bouquet Room/Linen Spray has a wonderful floral aroma that contains 2 aphrodisiac essential oils as well as Geranium (known as woman's best friend).

Here is a story that will make you laugh :) A couple weeks ago I was in the bathtub when my daughter decided to come in and do #2. I know, you gotta love kids lol. I yelled at my husband to get a room spray and it completely deodorized the bathroom (Thank God!!).

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